Get Member Access

To gain access to features for CAC Members on this website...

You must:

    1. Be a member in good standing with a valid email address registered with us

    2. Be logged into a Gmail account associated with that email address

Not sure about #2? Follow this:

•— If your CAC email is sent to a Gmail address:

You should be all set! Just be logged in to your Gmail (and hence your Google account), and you should be able to access all the Member features of this site.

•— If 1) your CAC email is sent to an address not ending in, and 2) you don't have a Google account:

Go to to create a Google account. Create the account using the current email address at which you receive your CAC email. Follow the instructions provided to complete account registration. Please note that if you have a smartphone or tablet computer with Android, you probably have a Google account.

•— If 1) your CAC email is sent to an address not ending in, but 2) you DO have a Google account:

You have two choices, below.

1. Link your email address to your existing Google account.

You will use your existing account to access Member features on the site. This is the preferred method. If you have an Android smartphone and wish to access the site from it, use the Google account associated with it.

    • Go to Log into your account if necessary. A page with the heading "Account settings" should appear.

    • Under "Personal info," click the "Email" square. A page with heading "Email" should open.

    • Under "Other email," click "Edit". A page with title "Manage account info" should open.

    • In the text box next to "Add a new alternate address", enter the email address where you receive CAC email. Then click Save.

More info on this can be found at this Google support page.

2. Establish another Google account, associating it with your CAC email address.

Use this method if you are having problems with Method 1 above. (This alternative may result in a less-simplified experience in the future.) Follow the instructions above for those who don't have a Google account. Once you have the account set up, you should be able to access all the member features of this site, but you must be logged in to this new Google account and not any other.