Softball Applications

To view info submitted by applicants, open the online CAC Softball Application (Responses) spreadsheet. This Google Sheets spreadsheet contains two tabs:

    1. The Most Recent Applications sheet contains the last 40 (or so) Softball application submissions, shown vertically. (This sheet cannot be edited.)

    2. The Forms Responses 1 sheet contains all submissions, shown horizontally. (The info submitted by the applicant is written to this sheet.)

Note that no one can view this spreadsheet aside from those who have been granted permission to do so.

To save the spreadsheet to your computer in its Downloads folder, access menu item: File > Download as > Microsoft Excel.

About the application process: When an application is submitted from the form on the Softball League web page:

    1. A PDF copy of the application is sent by email to a) the applicant, and b) any designated CAC official(s) (e.g. Softball Commissioner). A Google Docs copy is also retained in the "Softball Apps Submitted" folder in Google Drive (accessible by those with permission only).

    2. Data submitted by the applicant goes into the above-mentioned spreadsheet.

For more info on the scope of the Softball Application, and how to modify it, see Board web page: App Forms, Revising.