Members Database, Page 2

For use by Membership and Newsletter Committees only!

CAC Members Announcements Email List, Part 2

CAC Members Email List comparison with addresses in database, for corrections (typically done by Website Administrator):

It is a good idea to periodically compare the addresses of mail subscribers with the email addresses in the Member Database. This comparison will enable: 1) deletion of addresses due to expiration of CAC memberships; 2) adding addresses of current CAC members that are missing from the list 3) correction of incorrect addresses.

Current list from Mailman Membership List:

Current list from database:

    • Go to T_Members sheet in CAC Members Database

    • Menu: Data > Filter Views > Email list, current (this is a user-defined filter view)

    • Select and Copy column with email addresses

    • Exit this Filter View to return to normal view.

    • Paste into *TEXT_NEW* text file

Compare in WinMerge:

    • Go to the folder with the text files saved above.

    • Right-click on *TEXT_OLD* file and select WinMerge (or other file comparison tool).

    • In dialog box, select the *TEXT_NEW* file for Right file.

    • Click OK. Differences will be displayed.

    • (Note: An HTML copy of WinMerge results can be generated with Tools > Generate Report; must rename file from .txt to .html)

Make changes:

    • In WinMerge, the highlighted addresses:

        • on the left are to be deleted.

        • on the right are to be added.

    • In Mailman:

        • for deletions, enter in Mass Removal

        • for additions, enter in Mass Subscription

Board Member Data

Changes, especially email addresses, need to be made when a change in board assignment occurs (mainly at the beginning of the year), in the places below (performed by Website Administrator | owner of Google account "cacpittsburgh")

Update Board info in Google Groups, Sheets, & Forms

Board Google Group

    • Click Manage

    • To add members: Direct add members

    • To delete members: check all members to be deleted; Actions > Delete

Board data in the Members Database and Board Data spreadsheet:

    • Go to the T_BoardPos table of the CAC Members Database spreadsheet.

    • For each position, edit FirstName and LastName.

    • If necessary, add/delete rows.

    • When finished, the data should be sorted A to Z by the Seq column. If necessary, perform that sort (caret to right of Seq heading).

    • Click this link to run script: Update Board data. This propagates changes to Board Members Data spreadsheet. (It may be necessary to open the script and run it from there.)

    • Go to the Board Members Data spreadsheet.

    • In the Board Data sheet, check for correctness. Edit any errors in this sheet. (Do not make changes in the Web Display sheet – it is automatically populated.)

    • In the Involvement/Leadership web page, check that Board Members info at bottom appears correctly. The above changes automatically produce changes in this content.

Forms Submit Recipients spreadsheet – Go to this document's Instructions Tab.

CAC Membership Application form,

    • Change email address: Add-ons > Form Publisher > Sharing options & Notifications

CAC Membership Application Template

    • Change name and physical address: Scroll to bottom panel and change there.

Event Participant Survey form

    • Change email address: Add-ons > Form Notifications > Configure notifications

Update Google Drive sharing rules

General sharing rules (permissions) for specific folders in Google Drive of Google account "cacpittsburgh":

    • Database – Can edit: Membership & Newsletter Comms.

    • Mem Apps Submitted – Can edit: Membership Comm.

    • Mem Renewal Apps Generated - Can edit: Membership Comm.

    • Photo Gallery – Can edit: Photo Gallery editors

    • Website Documents – folder not shared (except specific files)

    • Website Forms & Response Data – View only: Board Google Group

    • Database/Scripts – no sharing except developers

Sharing rules for specific files:

    • Softball & Tennis schedules in folder "Website Documents": League officials can edit

Update sharing rules for website pages

Permissions may be assigned to any website page. For example, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, and Photo Gallery pages may require that edit permissions be assigned to league officials, sports chairs, and historian.