Calendar Edits

You must be logged in to a Google account that is authorized to make changes to the calendar.

Adding an event to the CAC Events Calendar

    1. Go to Google Calendar.

    2. In the left sidebar, you should see “CAC Events Calendar.” Hover over it and click its caret on the right. Select “Display only this calendar.” The CAC Events Calendar should appear.

    3. To display a monthly calendar, click on the [Month] option near top right.

    4. Click on the applicable date in the calendar.

    5. Enter event time and title/location (e.g. 7pm Dinner at Chili's; location optional).

    6. Click [Edit event]. This will take you to the Event Details page of the calendar, which will populate with info you just entered.

    7. In the Event Details page, edit the event title at the top if necessary.

    8. Time: Verify that start time is correct, and enter an end time (an estimate is fine).

    9. Where: Start typing the name of the venue and/or address. As soon as you see the correct option, click on it; otherwise enter a street address.

    10. Calendar: Be sure “CAC Events Calendar” is selected.

    11. Description: Enter any other necessary info. This might include:

      • cost

      • how to find the group (if needed)

      • RSVP/reservation requirements with contact person and email and/or phone (e.g. "RSVP requested. Contact: Jim at")

      • venue web address and/or phone (if needed)

    12. In the Description, also include a brief write-up (necessary info), e.g.:

      • what we'll be doing

      • any specific needs/requests

      • anything notable about the activity or place

      • any statement to entice

    13. In the Description, avoid repeating info found elsewhere and leave out anything negative or irrelevant.

    14. When finished (or if you need leave and return), be sure to click [Save].

Changing an event

    1. Follow Steps 1-3 in "Adding an event," above.

    2. Click on the event that you wish to change, and click [Edit event]. This takes you to the Event Details page.

    3. Make your changes. You may start with Step 7 in "Adding an event" and continue.

Copying an event to another date

    1. Follow Steps 1-3 in "Adding an event," above.

    2. Click on the event that you wish to copy. Click the "More Actions" dropdown and select "Duplicate Event".

    3. Change the start date (and start/end times if necessary). Make any other changes as necessary.

    4. When finished, click [Save].

Please note that this online calendar provides the following benefits:

    • The location and directions are instantly determined with the stroke of a few keys.

    • Members see the most important details easily at a glance, where the focus is.

    • Calendar entries provide "storage" of info for events that repeat.

    • The Calendar can actually make composing a newsletter article a lot easier.