App Forms, Revising

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PDF/Paper Application

To upload a revised application:

    1. Go to the page for the application that you are updating:

    2. At bottom of page, Click "Add files" (lower left).

    3. Select the document to be uploaded. The document should be in PDF format.

    4. Delete the old application by clicking its X on far right.

Softball League and Membership Online Applications

Viewing info on submitted applications:

For a spreadsheet containing all data submitted by:

Components of the application:

    • Application Form Definitionfor Softball | for Membership – contains the questions and possible responses that appear on the Online Application Form. (Edit this file to change the form – see below for details. When opening this form, press "Not now" to "Upgrade to the new Forms?".)

    • Online Application Formfor Softball | for Membership – the actual form as it appears to applicants on the web.

    • Application Submissions Datafor Softball | for Membership – a spreadsheet containing the responses submitted by applicants – see above to view this info. (This spreadsheet is also used by the Form Publisher add-on to generate the individual applications.)

    • Application Template Document - for Softball | for Membership – the document that defines how to render the individual applications for print or PDF view. It contains fields that correspond to the questions in the Application Form. (If the application form definition file is edited, changes may be needed in this template – see below.)

Changing the application:

Note: It may only be possible to make the changes described below by the owner of the Application Form. Initially, the Google account cacpittsburgh has been the owner. So it may be necessary to either make these changes from that account or change ownership of the application form, and other documents listed above, to the account of the desired user.

Initially, the Form Publisher add-on must be installed. Open the Softball or Membership Application Form Definition and do the following:

    1. Menu: Add-ons > Get add-ons

    2. In search box, type "Form Publisher"

    3. Click button on right to install

For help, go to these menu items in the Application Form Definition:

    • Help > Forms Help

    • Add-ons > Form Publisher

To change anything in the application, the Softball or Membership Application Form Definition must be edited.

To add/remove questions, and to change the question title (not the question in the help text):

    • The Softball or Membership Application Template Document must also be edited, changing the Template's questions and field names to match the Form Definition's questions and question titles.

    • The Softball or Membership Applications Submissions Data Sheet should also be edited. First make a copy of the spreadsheet (in the same Drive folder), and rename the copy to indicate that it was from the previous year. (The copy must be renamed and NOT the original.) Then remove 1) columns in the Form Responses 1 tab that do not have questions in the new year's (i.e. they were removed or reworded), and 2) the rows of the previous year's application data.

    • To change only 1) wording in the hint (the small text in the questions), or 2) the options to the question, the Template Document and the Submissions Data Sheet need not be changed.

Setting recipients of the application:

A copy of a submitted application should go to 1) the Softball or Membership Committee as appropriate, and 2) the applicant. To designate who receives the PDF copy of each application submission:

    1. Open the Softball or Membership Application Form Definition (see above; choose "Not now" for pop-up).

    2. Go to the menu: Add-ons > Form Publisher > Sharing options & Notifications (see note above regarding requirements).

  1. To add a recipient, click "+Add"; enter email address; select "Send a PDF" in drop-down at right.

  2. To remove a recipient, select "Don't send email" or "Remove" in drop-down at right.

    1. Note: the entry <<Email address>> stands for the email address of the applicant. Do not delete this entry.