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Info Exclusive to Board Members

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CAC Board Correspondence (email/discussion) — All your board communications via email is here, in compact discussion format – a great alternative to sifting through your email! You can use this to:

    • Access past board emails (posts) and their attachments (minutes, reports, agenda, etc.), grouped by discussion thread (subject).

    • Send messages to the board from here instead of using your e-mail service.

Documents repository — View/add/replace/remove documents exclusive to board members (e.g. forms, templates, bylaws master, year-end financials).

CAC Members data — View membership directories (current & expired), statistics, birthdays. Download them as PDF files.

Board members data — View board member contact & other info.

Publicity database — View.

Survey results — View responses submitted from the survey page.

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Official CAC Events Calendar — Add/change event info on the website's calendar. (Bypass the instructions here.)

Photo Gallery — Add photos & albums.

Add announcement of key event or news item — Click the [New Post] button to add your info to the Announcements page (if missing, click "Sign In" at bottom). Initial part of your message will also appear on the home page.

Applications: form revisions, view submissions — Upload latest PDF paper application forms for Membership, Softball, & Tennis. For Softball and Membership: view online application submissions; view and edit the online Softball or Membership Application.


These features were initially planned but are not likely to be implemented on this website:

Members Forum/Discussion Group — Send member alert messages from here instead of by email (specific individuals only).

Submit event info/article — The easy alternative to composing an event article.

Answer submitted questions; Event details database; Check RSVP; Check submitted news