President's Message, May, 2018

Post date: May 15, 2018 2:40:09 AM

Mike’s Message for May

Now that spring is upon us, we can enjoy the blessings of spring. But that’s only possible if you get off your lounge chair, check your newsletter, and commit to attending some great CAC events. I am getting weary of encouraging people who never attend anything. Therefore, as President, I have considered several new ways to get recalcitrant members to participate. Here are some of my ideas:

Ÿ Maybe I should start a new agency called the SMNP. That stands for the Singles Mutant Nija Police. Their job is to scour the county looking for recalcitrant CACers who miss out on all the fun by staying home when events are happening. No more! The SMNP will hunt you down, capture you, and drag you to events. Of course, there will be kicking and screaming at first. But eventually they will thank me once they have tasted the fun and camaraderie that CACers always enjoy. Or….

Ÿ We can hire knock-out models to attend our events and pretend they are regular members. That ought to bring members out of the woodwork. Or….

Ÿ We can have puppies at every event. Everybody loves puppies. That ought to draw ‘em in. Or…

Ÿ We can make a concerted effort to be more inviting, and extend a welcome to everyone, thereby embracing all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

These are all such great ideas. I just can’t decide myself. Please pick your preference and let me know your vote. The choices are (A) Singles Police, (B) Knock-out models, (C) Puppies, or (D) Welcoming Atmosphere. Results will be noted in my next letter.

Mike Kernan