President's Message, June, 2018

Post date: May 15, 2018 2:45:09 AM

Mike’s Message for June

Did you ever read the fictional story of Shangri-La? It was a hidden place tucked in the Himalayas where life was peaceful and happy, and people lived long lives. CAC is one of those special places where people can go to enjoy a brief escape, a respite, from life’s many annoyances. It’s a place to relax, to laugh, to talk about anything or nothing, and to stop and smell the roses. And in that special place, CACers have a unique super power. They can’t fly, or turn invisible, or leap tall buildings. (I used to do that, but I gave it up. The gawkers made me self-conscious.) But CACers do have a special super power. With nothing more than a friendly word, or a gentle ear, or by sharing a meal, or a laugh, or a sigh, we can lift up and bring joy to a lonely or downtrodden spirit. It seems like such a simple thing, but in fact, it is magical. It relieves pain and has healing properties. And its benefits extend in both directions, to the giver and the receiver. I urge you all to come to CAC events and to experience this super power to learn for yourselves its marvelous properties. You will discover that CAC is much more than a social club. It reminds me of that song, “Lean on Me.” But that title is too one-sided. If applied to CAC, the song would be called, “We Lean Together.” So get out of your cubbyhole, step away from the boob tube and your iPad, and come to a CAC event and live, laugh, and “lean” with us. It feels like a deep breath on a sunny day in the Himalayas…like Shangri-La.

Mike Kernan, President

P.S. Here are the results of last month’s poll. The choices were (A) Singles Police, (B) Knock-out models, (C) Puppies, or (D) Welcoming Atmosphere. Well, B got a lot of votes, but I am happy to report that D was the winner. So to all those applicants for the jobs of Singles Ninja Police, your services will not be needed.) Also, I have a lot of puppies I need to find homes for. I guess I jumped the gun a bit.