President's Message, July 2018

Post date: Jun 28, 2018 4:49:27 PM

Mike’s Message for July

Summer is in full swing now, and we are in the sun. Try some of our outdoor activities. We have a hike in one of our city parks this month, biking, and a camping trip to Lake Erie to namea few. (Even if you don’t camp, you can join us for a day or you can stay in a motel nearby and meet us for campfires and activities.) Last month, we went canoeing. Doing thingsoutdoors is what summer is all about. It’s my favorite thing to do. Ever since I broke out jai..., er, that is, … since I was trapped indoors for the long winter, I can’t stand to be cooped up. So I really enjoy the warm summer weather and the opportunity it provides to appreciate nature, and to get away from the bustling city abounding with cop.., er, that is, crowded with people in a mad rush and hurry. So get out with your CAC friends, take a deep breath, and relax in the sun this summer. The more the merrier. You will like surrounding yourself with friends. I do. And when you’re in a crowd, they can’t spot you as easily and haul you back to the pok… ah, that is,… and bother you with unending requests for autographs and photo ops. It’s tough being aCAC celebrity. But I’m willing to suffer for the good of the many. No need to thank me. (But I do accept gifts, cash, and bullion. No, not the broth kind.)

Hope to see you all outside this month!

Mike Kernan