President's Message January, 2020

Post date: Jan 3, 2020 5:33:31 PM

Mike’s Message for January

By the time you read this, you will probably already know that I have been elected president yet again. And I know what you must be thinking: “Oh, the travesty of it all!” I know. I feel the same way. It’s like that movie, Ground Hog Day. I am stuck in this repeating cycle with no end. Too bad most of the impeachment experts are all too busy right now. Hmmm. Maybe somebody can organize a CAC coup. (If you need more people, I’ll even join. I’m open to anything at this point.)

Well, at least being president does not preclude me from enjoying all those great CAC events. As a member, I do get to enjoy all the friendship and camaraderie that come with membership. CAC is all about enjoying life with other people. If CAC were a product, I would call it, “Friends in a Can.” Whenever you’re bored or lonely, just open up a can, and Voila! Instant party! Butwe can’t pack all those people in a can. (The officials frown on that.) So instead, we pack all the fun into this newsletter. Just open up the newsletter, and there it is: all sorts of pre-planned, fun events for your enjoyment. No can opener needed. Just show up at the designated places and times, and let the good times roll! What could be better than that? So instead of griping about another year with me as your president, just put it out of your mind and come on out and have fun. I won’t stop you. And if there is a successful coup that topples me, I’ll throw a hugeparty and you can all come! Please don’t object. Just let me dream…

Mike Kernan

CAC President

P.S. I have some extra coal left over from Christmas in case anybody needs some.