President's Message, December, 2019

Post date: Dec 10, 2019 3:19:39 AM

Mike’s Message for December

It is finally the last month of my 2019 Presidency, and to my surprise the club has survived. Like all of you, I find myself getting ready for Christmas.

Santa always remembers me on that magical day. His annual coal delivery to my living room has been growing steadily each year. For a long time I was upset about this. It’s very messy and hard to clean up. I used to board up all the doors and windows and put a roaring fire in the fireplace. But that pesky elf managed to get in every time. Then one day, I happened to learnthat North Pole anthracite (NPA) is the best quality coal on earth. Since then, I have made a killing every New Year’s Eve selling the whole load on the coal spot market. (NPA sells at avery high price.) I have customers calling in their orders in advance. In fact, I have to be extra bad this year to make sure I reach my goal of 50 tons.

So instead of thanking the Board for all their hard work, I decided to insult each one of them. (That ought to rake in the coal!) So here goes:

I really should take this opportunity to thank all the Board members for their tireless efforts. Their hard work scheduling, planning and executing numerous events and their many detailswas key to this year’s success. But I’m not going to do that. My need for coal comes first. So here’s to all you hard working Board Members:

“Sucker born every minute! Pppbbbfffttt! Nyyeaaahhh!”


Mike Kernan

President, CAC Pittsburgh

P.S. I guess I can settle for only 49 tons of coal, so… May all of our CACers have a warm and blessed Christmas with family and friends this year. And thank you all for sharing awonderful year filled with friends. May there be many more for all of us.