President's Letter, September, 2018

Post date: Aug 29, 2018 4:46:49 PM

Mike’s Message for September

Holy smokes! It’s September already! Where is the summer going? Well, if you did not get enough summertime fun, there are still some chances this month. We have a canoe trip on LaborDay, and a big picnic on the 23rd. So make sure you take advantage of these activities before it snows. While I was in Punxsutawney last February, I overheard the ground hog confiding with his peer seers. They said something about snow piled up to the windows and schools closed for a week. When

they spotted me, I pretended that I didn’t know anything, and I just put on a dumb look and played stupid. Apparently I am good at that, because they bought it and ignored me, and Imanaged to scurry off with this foreboding prediction. So you had better prepare for cabin fever now by getting out there and enjoying the host of great events offered here in yourCAC newsletter. When the snow comes and you can’t get outside, you’ll wish you did not let the summer go idly by. Of course, we will be planning some great winter activities too, so the fun need not end with the sun. Still, though, you had better take advantage of today’s fun today. You know the old saying: Opportunity does not knock. It only presents itself when you beatdown the door.