President's Letter, November, 2017

Post date: Oct 31, 2017 2:03:22 AM

This is my second to last inspirational (hopefully) letter that I’m writing since my term is coming to an end. It’s been a rewarding experience. I hope that I’ve made a difference for OUR club. We’ve had many wonderfully attended events and a few with only one to 3 people. Our board members do their best to spread the events around the greater Pittsburgh area. If there isn’t something fairly close to you one month, hopefully the next month there will be.

Your board members volunteer their time, talents, and gas money to attend the monthly board meetings. When you see a board member, tell them “thank you”. We know our members appreciate everything that we do, but it’s always nice to hear the words and see a warm smile. It doesn’t cost you anything, but means a lot to the person receiving it.

Thanksgiving is this month. I’m sure that you have many things to be thankful for. Why don’t you attend a couple of community service events to give a smile to someone less fortunate? A few of the attendees commented that seeing the joy on the faces of the mentally challenged adults when winning bingo, was wonderful to see. Most of us wouldn’t get excited about winning a dollar store prize, but to them, it was like winning $100.

Are you willing to help YOUR club in 2018? We have a good club. With your help, we can make it better! Every little bit helps. You can be on a committee or chair it yourself. We could use a mini golf chair and hospitality, to name a couple. Come to our General Membership meeting on November 11th and see how valuable your assistance and suggestions can be. We started this year with 90 members. As of 10/12, we have 95. I was hoping we would reach 100. We need your help to accomplish this by the end of next month. Who do you know that would benefit from membership and have as much fun as you do? If we permit divorced people without an annulment to join our club, I’m sure we can reach it very soon.


Gary Urbatis