President's letter January, 2017

Post date: Dec 30, 2016 6:17:05 PM

Happy New Year!

This is my first President’s letter since I was president in 2001. I don’t quite know what to write about. I’ll start with a story. I joined CAC in June, 1997. My first event was a picnic at South Park. I met many nice people and had a great time. A member named Brian recognized that this was my first event and welcomed me. He encouraged me to attend future events and introduced me to the club president, Mike Kernan. And if you know Mike, you know that he had to tease me about something. What surprised him is that I had a pretty good retort. We’ve been friends ever since and some people are entertained at our good hearted bantering.

Over the years I have met many wonderful people who I call friends. If you’ve attended several events, I’m sure that you’ve made some new friends too. I have heard many compliments that our members are very nice and friendly. I want to thank you for that. Many club members have organized events that I have attended over the years. I want to thank them for the experiences and great times that I have had.

In 2001, we had 440 members. Now we’re down to 88 wonderful people. I want to increase our membership in 2017 and I know that you want that as well. We have so many people to welcome and share new experiences with. Do you have any friends, co-workers, or relatives who are single and at least 21 years old? I encourage you to invite them to attend an event, or two, or three with you. It’s always easier to attend on the buddy system. This is YOUR club. We have a good club. Let’s make it great again!

I hope that everyone has a healthy, prosperous 2017 with plenty of wonderful experiences.

Gary Urbatis

CAC’s 2017 president