Mike's Message for March

Post date: Mar 1, 2021 9:34:23 AM

March 2021 marks one full year since the COVID lockdown began. No one expected it to go this long. But here we are. CAC has been offering events throughout, though some have been virtual. With the pandemic leveling off, this month offers an uptick in event options. Still, we all must be careful and follow safety guidelines. I recommend that all of you get vaccinated when the opportunity arises. As of this writing, over 21 million Americans have already been vaccinated with at least 1 dose, with no serious consequences. So, its overwhelming safety has been well demonstrated. (So, you can’t claim to be a “guinea pig” at this point.) Please join me in praying for an end to this lockdown and a return to our normal socially active lives. I look forward to that impatiently. Join us and have some fun! It’s still a win. Not just a win-win.) Mike Kernan CAC President