Mike's Message for July

Post date: Jul 26, 2020 4:17:36 AM

If you are like me, you are experiencing some degree of depression in the face of this lock down. For single people like us, it is harder since we live alone and have fewer opportunities for interaction. That is why we have CAC. Take advantage of the opportunities we present for you. You will be glad you did. I am certainly glad. I used to hide under the bed when I got worried. Then I joined CAC , and I hardly ever hide under the bed now....well, unless I am being chased by Godzilla, the Boogie Man, or Frankenstein. In those cases, the best place to be is under the bed. But, for all other times, CAC is the place to be. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Please note that the CAC Board has been working diligently to provide events during this pandemic. Sadly, a lot of them could not be held, but we keep trying. Fortunately, we did manage a few outdoor events last month and everyone seemed to enjoy them immensely. The simplest event can be a big deal during a lock down. For July, we have various events scheduled. We are much more hopeful that most will take place, as the lock down is supposed to ease as time goes on. So, check your newsletter for some great social options. Of course, all events must abide by social distancing guidelines, and we should continue wearing masks, at least for indoor events. (It just occurred to me that Godzilla, the Boogie Man, and Frankenstein never wear a mask. I should probably report them. Maybe that will get them off my back.)

Mike Kernan

CAC President