Mike’s Message for January

Post date: Dec 31, 2020 8:09:45 AM

This is a very special January, because it brings a new year with the real hope of an end to this awful pandemic. I imagine that most of you want to rush 2020 out the door as fast as possible, with a not-so- fond farewell. I am looking forward togetting my vaccination as soon as they let me. In fact, I even marked an “X” on my arm so they don’t miss it when it’s time for my shot. The minute I get the OK to get the vaccine, I am going to drop everything and run out to get it. Even if I‘m in the shower, I'll just wrap a towel around myself and run out to get vaccinated. That‘s how much I can‘t wait. Hopefully, we’ll be back to normal activities sometime this spring or early summer.

You may have noticed that the January activities are rather sparse. This is due to the recent viral surge, which limits our options. But rest assured that we will restore full activities as soon as we can.

Please welcome your new Board members. Most of the Board has returned, but there are a few changes. Check the listing on this page to see who all the Board members are.

I wish all of you a Happy and Blessed New Year, together with deliverance from this pandemic.

Mike Kernan / CAC President