Mike's Message for August

Post date: Jul 26, 2020 4:19:27 AM

We are gradually plodding through this pandemic while still offering some good, safe activities for our members. We have outdoor hikes, mini golf, biking, canoeing, and outdoor mass, to name a few. The CAC Board is actively working to provide you with ways to enjoy life despite the current restrictions. I think they deserve medals. (Preferably solid gold ones with platinum trim. You can each arrange to have one made and turn them over to me for ultimate distribution to the Board members. I will be more than happy to do that…Much more than happy.) If you have any ideas for safe activities, please contact a board member by email or phone to discuss it. We are always looking for ideas.

Please keep in your prayers those members and former members who have lost loved ones recently.

Mike Kernan / CAC President