President's Message, February, 2018

Post date: Feb 2, 2018 5:32:24 PM

Mike’s Message

My second month as president is fraught with a problem. How can I reach out to members who never come to any events? As luck would have it, a fortune cookie had the answer: “Seek professional help.” So I traveled to Punxsutawney to consult with the wise and renowned Punxsutawney Phil. (I hope our Treasurer will allow me to expense this.) Since it is near Groundhog Day, the wise (and fat) seer was accepting visitors, and was seated in a Santa-like throne at the top of the stairs at GC Murphy’s. I waited in line for over an hour before I got my turn to see him. I asked him, “Oh wise and famous whistle pig, why do so many CACers stay at home month after month, and fail to enjoy our friendship and fun events?” He snorted and pointed to his tip jar. So I tossed in a buck. He laughed. I ended up coughing up $20 before he spoke. (I really hope the Treasurer will let me expense this.) The rotund rodent raised his paws and said, “CACers who never come out are afraid. They are afraid that people will see them as misfits, or that people will detect their flaws and their funny mannerisms and they will be embarrassed. Whenever they plan to come to an event, at the last minute they start to worry, and they find some reason to duck back in their little hole and hide from the world.”

“Wow,” I said. “How do you know all this?” He replied, “Personal experience.” After a pause, I said, “But that’s so silly. Nobody actually fits into a neat category, so everybody is a misfit of sorts. And we all have flaws and funny mannerisms. But that is what we love about each other. Those things are not embarrassing. They are endearing. We love the oddities about our friends. It reminds us that they are just as warm and human as we are. How can we make them see this?” He gave me a wise and understanding look, and pointed again to his tip jar. Another 20 bucks later he replied, “You have to tell them that there is nothing to fear. You must make them understand that CAC is the warmest, friendliest social club out there. Only then will they venture out to events and see for themselves.”

So there you have it. Words of wisdom from another soul who hides in a hole hoping for sunny days. CAC has put together a lot of sunny day events. All you need to do is come out and meet us. Try it once. You won’t regret it.

Mike Kernan

(Emperor Czar Potentate Supreme)

P.S. I’ll bet you are all impressed that I can speak ground hog. It is one of my many talents.

P.P.S. Bob, tell me I can expense this.