After attending some events, you may wish to help making an event happen. Let us know of your interest by speaking with an event leader or board member at an event, or letting us know here.

Perhaps you have an idea for an event. We welcome you to suggest an event. Should you be interested in coordinating the event, let us know and we'll get back to you to place it on the calendar and provide assistance.

Have any ideas on improving something about the Club? Interested in leadership opportunities? We encourage our members to help steer the course of the Club, and welcome you to speak with us concerning any interest in helping out with any of the functions below or taking on a position of leadership. You may contact us here.

Board of Directors

The CAC Board of Directors meets monthly, usually the first week of the month. The Board guides the direction of the Club, and consists of three major committees:

Executive Committee (Officers):

    • President

    • First Vice President (oversees Administrative Committee)

    • Second Vice President (oversees Activities Committee)

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer

Officers are elected by the membership (full members) each November.

Additional board members are appointed by the Executive Committee, and assume a key role with the Administrative or Activities Committees.

Administrative Committee facilitates:

    • Newsletter

    • Website

    • Publicity

    • Database and membership records

    • Prospective member contact

    • Hospitality and welcoming

    • Alumni relations What's this?

Activities Committee facilitates:

The many and varied events and activities, which generally include:

    • Social gatherings (e.g. parties, picnics, dances)

    • Dinner and other outings

    • Cultural events

    • Softball and tennis leagues

    • Volleyball and other indoor & outdoor sports

    • Community service

    • Spirituality

    • Weekend and other trips/vacations

More details on these are available on the Events pages.

Current Leadership...Meet the Board

Please feel free to speak with any of us at any time.