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President's message, September, 2019

posted Sep 12, 2019, 9:40 AM by Gary Urbatis

Mikes Message for September


It is hard to believe, but a few people actually do read the Presidents Message. (I lost that bet.) For those lucky souls who opt to grace themselves with my wisdom (stop choking- I know youre faking that), here are some enlightening tidbits:   Be sure to note that our General Membership Meeting has been scheduled for November, and is listed in this newsletter. We will list it for the next three months, therefore everyone will know about it. The event is run as a free social night with board games and refreshments, which we interrupt briefly for the nominations for club officers from the floor. But if you want to nominate yourself or another member for office, you can do so any time before the meeting by sending a note (email is fine) to one of the Board members. The offices up for election are President, First VP, Second VP, Secretary, and Treasurer. The committee heads are appointed from among the various volunteers. If you are interested in any of our committees, just submit your name for consideration. Committee heads have a vote on the Board. But anyone can participate on a committee as a “committee member by just volunteering. It is that easy. If you have ideas that can help the club create great activities, then join a committee. We welcome your enthusiasmYou can join a committee anytime, not just

during elections. No vote is needed to join a committee. It is fun and gratifying to host an event.


Mike Kernan

CAC President