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President's Message, November, 2019

posted Oct 30, 2019, 10:03 AM by Gary Urbatis

Mikes Message for November


This time of year, we express our thanks for our various blessings.  Dont forget to thank God for all your friends at CAC.  Friends are important to your whole life and well-being.  Friends help confirm your self-worth. And best of all, friends are lots of fun to have around. Someone once gave me this comparison between a good friend and a best friend: A good friend is someone who bails you out of jailBut a best friend is sitting next to you in the cell saying, Well, that sure was fun while it lasted. Whether your CAC friends are good friends or best friends, dont forget to thank the Good Lord for themAnd if you dont have many CAC friends, thacan only mean one thing: You arent coming out to events to meet us. (Because if you had been coming to events, you might either be bailing me out or sitting next to me in this stupid cell!) But I digress…  Anyway, we are having lots of nice events this month. Come on out. And if its not too much trouble, bring your check book and stop by the jail on your way to an event and bail me out, because I want to go too. And so do Traci and Joe and Chris and Susan and Well, you know who your Board members are.


Mike Kernan

CAC President