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President's Message, May, 2019

posted May 3, 2019, 10:07 AM by Gary Urbatis   [ updated Jul 31, 2019, 10:01 AM ]

Mike’s Message for May

It’s Spring!  Im all excited about spring and summer. Thats when the little kid in me takes over(To be honest, he doesnt actually takeoverHe never really left). I get to run around and play ball, go biking, swimming, camping, hiking, and all that other fun stuff that doesnt work well when its cold out. And oh boy, do we have some great spring and summer fun planned! Now dont let me spoil things for those of you who have sunk tons of money into an expensive, large screen, digital, hi-def TV entertainment system (or two). I fully realize that nothing could possibly lure you out into the real world, where trees whisper, frogs croak, butterflies flutter, birds sing, and yes, the sun still shinesAll you bona fide couch potatoes have a lifetime permit (or is it a sentence)? To remain chained to your lounge chairs.  I would not want to interfere with your hard-earned

loafing time dedicated to the boob tube. But as for me, Im going to blow all my free time in the sun until my hair bleaches and my skin tans! Although there is no chance that youll even consider doing any of the foolish spring and summer events we have put together, at least you can enjoy a good laugh by checking out the silly things us nature boys (and girls!) will be up to. Well be camping and swimming, hiking at various local woodlands, biking the trails, picnicking, playing softball and tennis, and going on scenic train rides, just to name

a few. It probably makes you exhausted just reading about themAnd just think how tired, hungry, blistered, sunburned, and miserable well be when we get home. Boy are we dumb! But we cant help itIt’s some kind of disease.  Uh oh, I feel the summer itch coming on.  I cant sit stillIt’s got a hold of me.  Look out wild life, here I come!



Mike Kernan