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President's message, August, 2019

posted Sep 12, 2019, 9:39 AM by Gary Urbatis

Mike’s Message for August

What a great summer it has been! CAC has really outdone itself with great sunshine activities this year. Iaddition to the usuals like outdoor volleyball, happy hours, biking, dances, hikes, brunch, Pirate games, softball and tennis, we have also enjoyed camping, a scenic train ride, canoeing, golf, and mini golf (just tname a few). The Pittsburgh chapter is one of the most active chapters of the CACI. A brief look at newsletters of CACs from other cities, you can see what I mean. Few chapters even come close to the number or quality of our activities.

Of course, it took a lot of pulling teeth to get some of you shy members to take advantage of all the great work your Board is doingCAC has a lot to offerAs singlpeople, many of us are not burdened by the responsibilities of family, and are unencumbered by debt.  So, in a way, we are like kids with money and a car. And we dont have to answer that annoying old question: Where are you going and when are you coming home?”  Were free! Free to go to picnics, dances, and weekend events! So dont waste this rare and magic time of life! Go out and have some fun with your CAC friends!

OK, so some of us do have responsibilities of family, such as aging parents. And maybe we do have some debts, like a mortgage or a car payment. But thats no reason to lock ourselves away never to be seen or heard. Break away once in a while and refresh your inner spirit by spending some quality time with good friends. Thats what CAC is forMake the most of it.


Mike Kernan

CAC President