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CAC Membership Application

How to Join 

To join as a member of CAC of Pittsburgh, simply answer the questions in the application form on this page. It will first determine your eligibility before requesting other required information.

After answering the questions and submitting the form, please mail a check as requested. (If you prefer to fill out an application by hand and submit it by mail with your check, print and fill out the PDF file at the bottom of this page.)

As soon as we receive your completed application and your check, you can start realizing the full benefits of CAC membership!

Membership Criteria

As a member of CAC, you are assured that all fellow members are

as these are requirements for membership.

Though CAC was originally established to bring together single Catholic college graduates (hence the word "Alumni"), over the years focus has shifted away from the educational requirement, and more toward bringing all Catholic singles together.

The organization's charter has remained the same throughout its history, so we offer three membership classes:

  • Full membership: single Catholic college graduates (including two-year degrees) and registered nurses.
  • Associate membership: other single Catholics.
  • Subscriber: non-Catholic singles.

New & prospective members – some interesting info:

Here are some ideas and suggestions:

  • Please explore the wealth of information this website contains — it will give you a good feel of what CAC is all about.

  • Should you have any questions about CAC, or wish to make that initial contact before attending an event, you may contact our Welcoming Committee, and we'll gladly get back to you via email or telephone.

  • We also invite you to contact the leader of an event listed in our Calendar that you're interested in attending, or any other Club leader.

  • Feel free to bring a friend (or more!) to an event.

A few good things to note about CAC:

  • CAC enables you to meet and make new friends with others who share a common faith and similar values.

  • You'll find that people in CAC are truly genuine and down-to-earth. At CAC, you can really be yourself.

  • CAC is all about doing fun things while making new friends and enjoying the company of friends you have already made. Meeting that "special someone" is always a bonus.

  • Every event you attend will be a unique experience.

Like to get involved and make a difference?

See how you might fit into making things happen at CAC (tap Involvement, below):

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